Pro-Bono Consulting

Helping nonprofits to diversify their Social Impact


Digital Presence

We help nonprofit organizations create an online presence through Website designing, Social media reputation creation & management etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing plays a vital role in every aspect of marketing, whether it be for a commercial or a not-for-profit organization. We help non-profits in Digital Marketing

Digital Fundraising

Regular funding is important to a non-profit to run its activities. We help non-profits with strategic digital fundraising for their causes. Service provided for Mosques & Muslim Charity / NPOs only

Events & Promotions

Events & promotions are the backbone of an NGO's existence. We go an extra mile when it comes to promoting & managing not-for-profit events.

IT Infrastructure

Getting proper IT infrastructure to handle daily activities is a big challenge for the non-profits. This is where we shine by helping non-profits with proper sourcing of their IT infrastructure

Technical Support

Maintenance is what keeps the organization's infrastructure rolling. We help non-profits with proper technical support and AMCs to keep their IT infra in good shape

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